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Roast Neck of Lamb // 1930s

If you're looking for a lighter roast, look no further! This 1930s recipe for roasted neck of lamb to be served with stewed cucumber and maître d'hôtel sauce from the same recipe book is incredibly tender and tasty while using minimal ingredients. This would make for a lovely dinner on a warm spring or summer day.
Original Recipe: 'Roast Neck of Lamb' (Book 5, 1936)
Speed: 5 minutes to prepare; 15 minutes to the lb to roast.


  • A neck of lamb, trimmed neatly of it's fat

  • Butter (about 2-3 tbsp.)

  • Fresh parsley, chopped

  • Stewed cucumber

  • Maître d'hôtel sauce



1. Have the stewed cucumber and sauce ready before proceeding, keeping these hot.

2. If you have a large cut or your meat is on the bone, wrap with well-buttered baking paper, place in a roasting tin and roast, allowing 15 minutes to the pound for roasting.

If you only have one or several smaller cuts of meat that has been de-boned (as we did), rub the meat all over with the butter, place in a roasting tin either by itself or on top of the vegetables you will be serving the meat with (we put ours atop roast potatoes), and roast 'briskly' in the oven.

Note: No instructions for oven settings are given. We set our oven to 220°C fan (425°F/Gas Mark 7) which worked just fine.

3. Once cooked, remove the paper (if using) and lay the lamb on a hot dish. Sprinkle the chopped parsley over the top.

4. Pour the sauce around the lamb and garnish with the stewed cucumber arranged around the dish.


Original Recipe for 'Roast Neck of Lamb'

'BOOK 5': Cookery Illustrated and Household Management (1936)

By: Elizabeth Craig

Publisher: Odhams Press Limited (Long Acre, London, W.C.2, England, U.K.)

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