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Ripon Pudding // 1910s

Updated: May 10, 2020

We did our research but couldn't find anything on the origins of the rich Ripon Pudding, for which we found the recipe in the 'sweets and puddings' chapter of the Countess of Dudley's Second Dudley Book of Recipes (1914). Of course, we must therefore assume going by its name that this pudding hails from the beautiful North Yorkshire cathedral town of Ripon.
Well... thank you, Ripon! This fruity steamed pudding served with sherry sauce is absolutely delicious and just what the doctor ordered on a cold and rainy evening. It could also make a suitable Christmas Pudding should you wish to make a steamed pudding without quite as many ingredients!
Original Recipe: 'Ripon Pudding' (Book 3, 1914)
Speed: 3 ½ hours | Serves: 6


  • 170g chopped suet (we used beef suet)

  • 170g raisins

  • 170g plain flour

  • 57g fresh white breadcrumbs

  • Grated rind of 1 lemon

  • 113g treacle

  • 1 egg

  • A little milk

  • Sherry Sauce



1. Mix all ingredients together well in a large bowl until fully combined.

2. Pack into a well buttered 1lb pudding basin or mould. Leave 1-2cm between the rim and mixture so that the pudding may rise.

3. Cover the top with a double layer of baking parchment and foil with 1 central pleat and tie tightly around the rim with string (as usual for a steamed pudding).

4. Steam either in a pan or electric steamer (both work just as well) for 3 hours.

5. Serve while hot with Sherry Sauce.


Original Recipe for 'Ripon Pudding'

'BOOK 3': A Second Dudley Book of Recipes (1914)

Collected and Arranged By: Georgina Ward, Countess of Dudley

Publisher: Hutchinson & Co. (Paternoster Row, London, England, U.K.)

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