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Marshmallows // 1940s

This WW2 era recipe for marshmallows is a fun one. Not only do you get a taste of history and fabulously wobbly orange-flavoured marshmallows, you get a great arm exercise from all of the whisking & beating! These marshmallows are great by themselves, but in our humble opinions even better in a hot chocolate. Hands up if you love an orange hot chocolate like us? 🙌
But you can always drop the orange flower water if you don’t like the sound of that 😉. If so, use an extra 3 tbsp. of water at the gelatin step for plain marshmallows, or 2 tbsp. of water plus 1 tbsp. any alternative food flavouring of your choice (e.g. vanilla essence).
NOTE: We used beef gelatin granules as this is closer to what would’ve been available and used at the time. If you use vegetarian gelatin, let us know how they turn out!
Original Recipe: 'Marshmallows' (Book 6, 1943)
Speed: 30 minutes + 1 hour to dry | Makes: 1 lb


  • 280g sugar

  • ¼ pint water

  • 3 tbsp. orange flower water (plus nearly ¼ pint of water)

  • 1 egg white

  • 1 dessertsp. glucose

  • 20g gelatin



1. Boil together the sugar, ¼ pint of water and glucose until this reaches a temperature of 126°C/ 260°F.

2. Put the orange flower water in a measuring jug and pour in just enough water to make this ¼ pint. Melt the gelatin in this.

3. Pour the orange water into the sugar mixture and mix well.

4. Stiffly beat the egg white and then add this to the rest of the mixture, whisking until the mixture stiffens to the point that you can't mix it any longer. Then, beat with a wooden spoon.

5. Leave in the pan until it gets cold, and then heat over the gas for 1 minute to soften the sides before turning out onto a surface thickly dusted with icing sugar. Cover the top and sides with the icing sugar and leave for 1 whole hour.

6. Cut into squares with a knife or scissors and then leave to dry completely.


Original Recipe for 'Marshmallows'

BOOK 6: Manual of Modern Cookery, 7th Edition (1943) Author: Jessie Lindsay & V.H. Mottram Publisher: University of London Press Ltd. (War-Time Address: St. Hugh's School, Bickley, Kent, England, U.K.)

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