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Grape Nuts for Breakfast // 1897 - now!

Updated: May 5, 2020

A News Chronicle newspaper clipping that we discovered in our Bestway cookbook dated Thursday 3rd September 1936 advertises a breakfast cereal “Grape-Nuts”.
We hadn’t heard of Grape-Nuts before and were excited to learn that not only are they still produced and sold in the UK, the current recipe and product is very much unchanged from the original.
Getting hold of a box would give us an instant taste of a breakfast cereal that was once as extremely popular in Britain as it had been in the U.S.A where it had been invented.

Grape-Nuts: A Super Cereal

Grape-Nuts were developed and introduced to the market in 1897 by C.W. Post, a competitor of Dr. John Harvey Kellogg. The cereal was marketed for decades as a nourishing natural cereal that did wonders for the consumer's health and mental stamina; a fantastic remedy for mid-morning mental lag. 

After discovering the newspaper clipping and reading what we could about Grape-Nuts on Wikipedia, we decided that we simply must get hold of a box and excitedly made our way to the shops.

Grape-Nuts are sold in most British supermarkets and it didn’t take us long to find them in our local Sainsburys. While the box is fairly small, the product is heavy and you can tell that a bowl full is likely to fill you up. 

We prepared breakfast at 7am the next morning; a full bowl of Grape-Nuts and semi-skimmed milk.

Our plan to follow the cereal with a banana was swiftly dropped as we realised just how filling the cereal is. Finishing the whole bowl was a struggle! 

But, by 5 hours and just 1 tea and coffee later, we could confirm that the 80+ year old claims that Grape-Nuts will keep you mentally alert and full until midday are completely true. If you are looking for a cereal that keeps you going you should try Grape-Nuts.

We can’t say that we are overly fond of the taste, which is rather malty (as you would expect with the main ingredients including whole grain wheat flour, malted barley flour, salt and dried yeast) but is pleasant enough.

However, a bowl full of Grape-Nuts is ideal for breakfast if you have a big day ahead! 

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