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Cocoa // 1940s

We made this hot chocolate to go with our 1940s marshmallows. Hot chocolate on a frosty day by the fire... is there anything more satisfying than that?
Original Recipe: 'Cocoa' (Book 6, 1943)
Speed: 5 mins | Makes: 1 large cup (mug) or 2 small cups (teacups)


  • 1 tsp. cocoa

  • ½ pint milk or water, or a mix of the two


METHOD (written below, exactly as printed in the cookbook)

One teaspoonful of cocoa to every ½ pint liquid; the liquid can either be milk, water or a mixture. Place cocoa in a pan, add little liquid, and mix ; add remainder of liquid, stir till boiling, boil 3 minutes.

N.B.-If making large quantity, heat the liquid, pour over blended cocoa, return to pan, and boil.


Original Recipe for 'Cocoa'

BOOK 6: Manual of Modern Cookery, 7th Edition (1943) Author: Jessie Lindsay & V.H. Mottram Publisher: University of London Press Ltd. (War-Time Address: St. Hugh's School, Bickley, Kent, England, U.K.)

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