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Works in an office during the week and tests recipes at the weekend.

Loves fish & chips. Hates baked beans.

Hobbies: Needlework & hiking.

Miss. HD


Also works in an office during the week and tests recipes at the weekend.

Loves bread pudding. Hates very fishy fish.


Hobbies: Gardening & gaming.

Mr. HD

1868 (Book 1)

1909 (Book 2)

1914 (Book 3)

1928 (Book 4)

1936 (Book 5)

1943 (Books 6)

1959 (Book 7)

1967 (Book 8)

1977 (Book 9)

1987 (Book 10)


At Handed Down, we, in our small way, provide an online environment that brings back into the modern world an important, uncontroversial and comforting element of the past, particularly in living memory. Cooking! 


We are a duo with no particular culinary or catering background but a burning passion for history (primarily modern history that lingers in living memory) and cooking.

A couple of years ago, we realised that we should try combining the two and  immediately set about testing recipes from two old family cookbooks ('Book 9', p. 1977; and 'Book 10', p.1987). Everything was delicious. We were onto something.

We started looking for other antique cookery books and within a couple of months had accumulated 8 more. We are now the proud owners of our own mini-library containing one Victorian cookbook and one per decade between the 1900s-1980s.

We have since tested many recipes from each of the books and have thoroughly enjoyed forming of picture of what people ate (or would have liked to or HAD to eat) when our parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great-great grandparents were our age. To be fair, they were almost certainly all better cooks than us. 

What we do

The Handed Down Kitchen is all about recreating genuine 'antique' recipes from the pages of our little library of cookbooks and sharing these dishes with you, in full colour and sometimes film so that we can experience a true taste of the past together.

We also hope to provide a platform for our readers (the 'Community') to share their own recipes for others to enjoy. Stay tuned for this!  


Think of us as part of your extended family. Like the auntie that will always overfeed you (even when you're not hungry).


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